FB Bodyweight Round 2 - A Review


I finished FB Bodyweight Round 2 yesterday and as usual, I felt compelled to post a review about it. Before I start, I have to admit that under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have bought this programme. Not because I think it’s inferior to any of the other ones but because I’ve grown to like weight training over the years. Unfortunately, I got injured a couple of months ago (lateral epicondylitis) and since I found gripping painful I needed a programme with no equipment.

If you don’t have weights or prefer working out without lifting weights, this programme is ideal for you. Since I’ve been working out with FB consistently for nearly 3 years now, I was a bit apprehensive thinking these routines might be too easy for me. I was mistaken.

This programme is a well-rounded combination of lower, upper, core and total body routines. Nearly three years of working out with FB taught me how to engage my muscles and how to push myself which funnily (or not so funnily) enough I find easier with no weights. I clearly remember Day 16 which left my upper body sore for days. Not my elbow, though. I really appreciated the fact that I was able to exercise my upper body without pain and constant modifications. The lower body and core routines were equally challenging. On the other hand, this programme can be manageable even if you haven’t been working out for years. There are options for modifications and of course, you don’t have to do the extra credit challenge. I didn’t always feel the need to do them.

I also assumed that this programme might contain too many cardio and HIIT routines but again, I was wrong. I’m absolutely sure I wouldn’t have been able to schedule my own routines to create such a well-balanced programme. ‘Well-balanced’ is actually a recurring phrase in my reviews but it’s especially true for this one. It’s a real ‘blender’ programme.

I’ve just bought Bodyweight Round 1 because I’m still getting laser treatment for my elbow and I don’t want to start lifting before it’s over. (I’m getting the third round in a couple of hours, 7 more to go.) So all in all, I can say that I truly enjoyed Bodyweight Round 2 and I strongly recommend it to everyone.