Have i bought the wrong programme?


Hey. I have bought FB Low Impact and FB Reach as my knee and back can be troublesome (based on recommendations from the lovely community on here) however I have just done Day 1 and it didn’t feel like a workout at all. The low impact was basically a 10 min warm up video and a 10 min cool down video (not sure what I’m supposed to be cooling down from?). The FB Reach was similar but that’s more stretching etc so I didn’t expect that to get me sweaty like cardio. I know I have to watch my knee and back but I was swimming 4 miles a week until recently and I don’t think this low impact video is going to challenge me at all. Is it tough luck and I’ve wasted my money or do I have other options? I have a holiday that I want to tone up for in August and this low impact video isn’t going to get me anywhere fast 😳☹️