Programs for lifting with bad knees?


I'm getting back into regular exercise after ~3 years of being relatively sedentary. This time around, my knees need more gentleness than in the past, probably a combo of aging and being at a heavy bodyweight for my joints.

I feel quite comfortable turning something into a low impact movement on my own, but my bigger worry is that squats and lunges are harder for me to do safely and pain free. (One slightly off-form curtsy lunge while caught up in the moment, and I need 3 rest days!)

Do any of you have thoughts about fb low impact and/or fb strong relative to knee pain outside of jumping? I'm inclined towards strong, because I love lifting and also because I want to increase the strength of the muscles around my knees. But - the part of me that has also made sure I didn't start with a level 4 HIIT on my first day wonders if I shouldn't start with a more "beginner" routine.