New Workout! This one is brutal... + New Project


Good morning beautiful people! How are you today? Any fun plans? Craving a tough workout and a seriously good sweat today or later this week? We've got you covered.

Daniel has built you a beast of a routine. It's a combination of HIIT and strength training, with a challenging twist. It includes your warm up and cool down; everything you need for a smart workout. Definitely try it if you're looking for a fun challenge:

56 Minute HIIT and Strength Workout - Intense Active/Static Lower Body Strength and HIIT

Also, just so you know...we're up to something again. We've been working intensely on it for about 6 months (actually - the idea started cooking 2-3 years ago now) and we expect that we have about 6 month’s of work left before we're able to share with everyone. So, we're keeping secrets again. But they are such good, exciting secrets! We're always listening to your feedback and we're using the words of our audience to guide us. We are always looking to improve user experience and we want to be as helpful as possible to you guys. We'll share updates as we can and in a few months, we're going to need some beta testers (we'll come to the Fitness Blender Community for that!).

So, we finally released Workout Complete late last year, and now we're back to teasing you guys with what's to come. Very excited to share. We're making some changes and we're going to be able to offer a lot more. Thank you all for being such a wonderful group of people to work with and for. We love our work and it's largely because of you.

Happy workout complete guys, enjoy this new workout!