No dumbbells - FBBodyweight?


Hello everyone,

So I am half way through FBFitR2 right now and loving it! However, next month I will be relocating to another country and as a result I won't be able to workout with dumbbells for quite sometime (joining a gym in not an option for me).

So, I was wondering if I should purchase the FBBodyweight programme to get me through the first month at least. I saw incredible results with FBFit and I think that strength training totally changed my body composition. However, coming from FBBurn and now FBFit, I am worried that FBBodyweight is not going to be challenging enough for me and that I will probably lose all the strength I gained.

So my questions for those who have tried it are: What is the composition of the programme? Are the workouts easier than FBFit? Does it have extra credits? Was it challenging enough for you?

Or should I bite the bullet and buy dumbbells ASAP? I am not too keen on using home items for weights in place of dumbbells...

Any info will be much appreciated! :) Thank you!