Burn Round 1 Complete + Results


Happy Friday Blenders,

I finished Burn this morning which means I´ve been working out for two month straight consistently :) I´m a little proud of myself.

I kept my nutrition fairly clean, did IF and had no alcohol the past four weeks. To say I feel good is an understatement :D

Strong, Capable and more Confident!

Not ready to post progress pictures yet, but here are my measurements.

Before Burn after Burn

Waist: 92cm 90.5cm

Hips: 111cm 108cm

Arm r: 36.5cm 35.5cm

Arm l: 36.5cm 35.1cm

Thigh: r: 69.5cm 69cm

Thigh l: 68.7cm 68.2cm

Total - almost 8cm

So I´m not sure if I measured right when it comes to my arms and thighs but I can´t be that far off, especially not on my waist and hip.

I have another activity planned this afternoon but then I´ll have the weekend off including some rewards like going to the hairdresser and getting my nails done and I will have a nice meal with my mom. But on Monday I´ll jump right back in and start FB Abs R2 where I really want to push myself cause then it will only be another four weeks until my holiday abroad on the beach.

I know we all struggle sometimes and get down on ourselves, skip workouts and have a pizza (I had that too during burn) but as long as we jump back in the hard work will eventually pay off, sometimes slower, sometimes faster.

With that said, have a great weekend!