#FBsweat - Day 1 Complete!


Hi, blenders!

How is everything going so far? Excited for the weekend? I know I am :)

It is weird to post from my computer because I usually put in so many emojis and I can't do that from here! Hehehe!

In any case, I started my first program ever: FBsweat! And, sweaty it was!

It seem that it rained in the middle of my exercise mat! Hahaha!

I just wanted to share my PFT. I did the PFT after the workout, as an extra credit, before stretching.

I wanted to do it in a completely different moment of the day, but it was a very busy day so life happened!

My idea is to do it at the same time the last day of the program to make the progress more objective!

So, here they are my PFT results:

1 Mile Run Time: 14:46min

Half Push Ups: 16 Full Push Ups: 1/2

Number of Squats (No Weight): 21

Static Plank Time: 26seg

Sit and Reach Measurement: 10cm

For the mile run, though, I have to say that I was veryyyy uncomfortable!

At the gym in my building, there are 2 treadmill machines but one of them is very small and the big one (normal size one) was being used.

So, I had to the the mile run on the small one and I am a tall person!

I never run on a treadmill, so I was scare to run very fast or without holding myself because: 1) I never run on treadmills so I am not used to. 2) It was very small so I though, while running, the foot behind might get outsite of the running line and I would fall. (Sorry if I don't explain myself better, english is not my first language! Hehe!)

In any case, I don't know if I should do the last PFT of the program on the same treadmill to see the actual progress or, if the other one is free, I could use that one instaed. What do you think?

Thanks for reading all that nonsense if you beared with me! :)

Happy day!