Workouts and injuries

Hello all. I was just over halfway through FB Low Impact 4 wk when I had an injury to my shoulder and neck. I'm pretty upset about it, and I don't know when it's ok to go back to the workout..? Today is Monday and the injury was just last Thursday morning after I woke up and stretched wrong and pop! something went in my shoulder and I was down for the day and it hurt to breathe. (It's one of those things that I think just about everybody's had.) I used everything I had to rest and get better - heat, TENS unit, anti-inflammatories, some homeopathic pain relief lotion, even an LED light! The last few days have been ok and I've been very careful but I'm anxious to get back to my workouts.

So today I feel pretty good and I feel like it's almooost completely gone, but I'm worried about just jumping right back in.

Please, any advice for me??? How long should I wait to start again? Should I just continue from where I left off? Thanks in advance for any advice. :)