Working Out on Your Cycle/Period Blues


Hi! It's only been since around the second month of March that I've been working out consistently. I started out with FB Low Impact + Reach, which I continued until I no longer felt challenged by them about a week ago.

When that happened I started alternating FB Flex + FB Booty (1) every other day, and I went 6 days strong and proud until PMS hit me outta nowhere for a few days and then my actual period showed up to make it even worse.

Working out and eating healthier so consistently makes me so proud of myself for the first time, like I was worth something amazing to myself and capable and in power of my body and what and how she does. It helps my depression and anxiety so much, and I've never felt so strong in so many ways because of myself in a long time, possibly ever.

My PMS/Periods make me feel really ill and nausea and weak. I've had to suddenly take so many days of from working out all together (even just FB Reach has been hard for me to push myself to do!), and this makes me feel crummy.

I'm terrified that I'm allowing myself to slip back into old, unhealthy habits because right now I can't push myself how I want to/could before my cycle started. I know that my cycle is temporary and, as always, I'll start to feel better and like my old self soon, but its still really rough to feel like you're losing progress or wasting time, I guess?

I'm scared of losing control of myself, or like, losing my ability to push myself to continuing this healthy discipline I was only just starting to get a hold of and really make my own. Does that make any sense?

I guess I'm just scared of messing everything up, and I don't even know how to continue doing my FB Booty/Flex working once I start feeling better. Should I continue where I left off, or start over? Starting over feelings like quitting, which isn't true but ugh.

Anyway, sorry for the emotional dump. I guess I just need some advice from others with periods and how you handle exercising through them. I did my FB Reach for today and tried, again, to do some of my FB Booty but couldn't push myself to do more then 2 sets of the beginning of the workout.

I just don't want to lose the positive feeling I was getting from working out and working hard, and I don't want to lose my excitement for working out. Now it just seems like another daunting task I need to complete at the end of my day, which I am not sure if it has mostly to do with my hormones or if I switched to early to FB Flex/Booty and its just generally been too hard (even before my period?).

So many questions and not enough answers, haha. Thanks to anyone who even reads part of this, and if you've gotten this far seriously you have my thanks. I know I'm rambling and appreciate your dedication hahaha.