JUMP Challenge: Day TWO


Hello! How is everyone feeling from yesterday's workout? Sore? If so, where are you feeling it? And how many times did you whack yourself with the jump rope? Be honest now, lol! It's pretty much unavoidable, right, Lisa?😂

Today's workout will be less intense and give your legs a different challenge mostly in the form of pilates. I say mostly because if you're feeling up to it, the extra credit has your jump rope cardio waiting for you! It's a six minute workout with different moves to do while repeatedly swinging that rope; so don't feel too bad if you keep messing up or getting that rope caught on things. Just pick up where you left off as soon as you can and make it fun! Oh and do be aware of those surroundings above and around you!

Now if you're wondering when and where the heck is arm day, don't worry; Day 3 has you covered. But before we can give our legs a sigh of relief, let's toast and tone them just a little bit more! Here's the line up for day two. It's 34 minutes including extra credit.



WORKOUT: Lower body pilates, low impact




EXTRA CREDIT (Short jump rope cardio)


As always, remember your modifications and do what you need to do to make this work for you! Have fun getting your #JUMPCompletes and let me know how today tortured/challenged you! I enjoyed very much reading everyone's take on the day yesterday. Thank you guys for being such good sports!

..And just stumbled in here and wondering what is going on? See this post to get the idea, full schedule for the week, and some talking about jump rope: https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/11736/jump-fb-community-challenge-schedule-results