FB Strong - Week 2


Starting FB Strong, week two. Very excited that my little brother and sis-in-law are following in my footsteps. ;)

Funny thing happened yesterday on my "rest day" - I wanted to work out. I was fidgeting around, even though I was very "active" for several hours in the morning helping another brother and sis-in-law with a garage sale (I was the "muscle" in case you were wondering).

I really, really wanted to work out...but I was good and didn't.

This afternoon as I was starting to work out, I declared to #chefinthemaking that I was "not sore" and "totally ready" for week two.

This afternoon as I finished my workout, I was not so full of myself...Kelli made sure of that with that dang lower body routine. Yeesh. Thanks, Kelli.