When are you no longer a "beginner"?


Hi all! I've been using FB workouts on and off for a few years, but only got into regularly doing FB workouts last August and did my first program (Low Impact) in September 2018. For the past month I've been doing independent workouts around 20-30 minutes long. I did the 5 Day busy people challenge last week, felt good, and am doing stretching and active rest this week before I start FB30 Round 2 next week.

FB30 Round 2 has beginner options for the first few weeks. I was peeking ahead and some of the beginner options are things I've done before, and I'm really looking to push myself and try new things with this next program. BUT I'm worried that the regular option will be too tough and I'll risk hurting myself.

SO my question is: how do you know when you're not a beginner anymore?? I feel like I still am, though I have learned a lot from the FB workouts I have done. I've basically been out of shape my entire life, never really did sports growing up or anything, so I guess I feel like l'm still learning about how to push my limits safely,

I was considering doing the harder workouts and just modifying where I feel I need to. Does that seem like a good option? How did you all figure out that you could keep up with the tougher workouts?