JUMP Challenge: Day ONE


Alright FB Family, welcome to the first day of the FB Community Jump Rope Challenge! It's April Fool's Day, but today is definitely no joke. We are starting out the gate with a bang! After our warm up, we will be tackling a rather tough MMA routine. Feeling nervous? Excited? Either way, it's only 12 minutes! Remember to modify if things get too crazy or push yourself as needed if you want that challenge! Let's make it fun and be left breathless in the best way! The other half of the workout will be all about targeting calves, effectively really burning them out, so make sure to do some extra calf stretching in the cool down.

Here's the lineup for today's workout (38 minutes total)



WORKOUT: Total body HIIT + Calves





After you tackle today's workout, report here to share your experience on how Monday's Jump rope workout treated you! Happy Jumping and getting those #JUMPCompletes! See you tomorrow for day 2!

PS: Just came here and wondering what is going on? See this post here for details and the full schedule for the week: https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/11736/jump-fb-community-challenge-schedule-results