You Don't Know Me!


Fellow Blenders,

Okay, okay, okay...maybe thinking I could do two Workout Programs simultaneously was a bit ambitious. But don't even start with the "I told you so's" - 'cause I don't wanna hear them. :P

Yes, so today was supposed to be FB Strong and FB Abs, Round 2 - day two; but three realizations made me reconsider today's routine(s).

1. I'll admit it, I was pretty sore from day one...well, and Daniel's new upper body workout on Sunday too.

2. I found out that day two of FB Strong and FB Abs, Round 2 are both upper body routines...and, let's face it, I wanna get swole, but not THAT swole.

3. My furry trainers (well, and #chefinthemaking) reminded me that I was supposed to give them baths today...and I figured that some amount of arm movement might be necessary for this task.

Therefore, my dear Fitness Blender family, I must report that today I ONLY completed FB Strong - day two. It was pretty intense, and I'm pretty sure I am one day closer to becoming an older, shorter, bearded, slightly less handsome Rock. Please don't argue.

Oh, side note...I'm pretty sure that my wife will still be impressed (and, yes, I'm totally gonna make her...uhhh, let her...feel my arms and shoulders when she gets home).

On to day 3!!!