FBfit Day 12 Update and Mental Well-being


Wow! Today's workout was hard. It was the "HIIT And Abs Workout - 63 Minute Ab & Cardio Workout." The whole time I kept thinking that Daniel was being mean to Kelli. Lol, He sounded all happy during the voice over yet Kelli was doing the suffering with us... I can only imagine how the conversation would have gone if they were doing this one together. :-)

So far I have been feeling great, and thinking that I could potentially do more than this. Ha, today I changed my mind. I couldn't do more. I have been using this program to cope with depression as well. I feel happier. My husband and I have suffered from 3 miscarriages, which can leave a person feeling inadequate about their body along with the other emotional baggage. Working out with this program has been a good way for me to meditate. Every time Kelli says "when you're working out you're asking your body a question, not demanding it," I think the same goes for pregnancy. Your body doesn't always do what you want it to, but I have learned to be patient and understanding of my body.

I hope you are all doing great with your programs. And thank you for all your support.