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My first time deadlifting any weight at all (a whopping 8 lbs total) in 16 months. In fact, until a few months ago I was too scared to do this ROM much at all, even unloaded. I’m gaining my range of motion back and I’m losing fear of many different movements - chronic pain can do some pretty funky things with your head and relationship with your body and movement. I’m steadily chipping away at those things. I recognize the look on my face in the second picture; I’m proud of myself.

I’m in my second week of 4 Week FBlowimpact. I’ve had to make a lot of modifications, and I’m definitely moving a lot slower than the person I’m following on the screen (which is weird because half the time I’m following myself 😅). None of that matters though; all that matters is that I am trying, and I’m showing up for myself. I refuse to beat myself up or feel negatively about where I’m at, even at times when I’m acutely aware of a loss of ability, strength or endurance. I’m using this FB program to get back on my own feet. ➡️ I am offering myself constant acceptance of what I am able to do. ⬅️

I know that a lot of people still want to know what’s going on with me; join the club! So do I. I have a rough idea but I’m still going through tests, imaging, bloodwork, physical therapy, etc. I know I’ve been in a lot of pain. I know stress makes it much worse. I know that I’ve been nearly entirely homebound since December 2017. I know that my quality of life took a steep dive and that now I am rebuilding. I know I am doing better. So mid-storm, the only thing I can say at this point is the recognition that life can be incredibly unfair & unrelenting, and there might be times when you have to blindly hold on and keep pushing forward, keep pushing for just a little bit better each day. Whatever it is that you’re struggling with; body, mind, social, work, finance, relationships, education, fitness goals, etc. The approach is similar no matter the goal; aim for steady, continued progress, hang on through the ups & downs and try to keep your self talk positive. Okay, end ramble, thanks for reading. PS - I'm grateful for this community of people - thank you for supporting me, and each other. 💙Kelli

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