How to choose the correct workout

Hello everyone my name is Mo. I'm new to FB I started 1 week ago & I really need help from someone who understands which workouts to choose for specific problem areas. there's so many different videos its overwhelming.

My goals:

▪get rid of CELLULITE on back &

front of thighs & butt. (I have a huge

problem w/cellulite on back of my

thighs. From butt almost down to

back of knees.)

▪want to SLIM & TONE inner/outter


▪LIFT & TONE BUTT. ( I had a nice big

butt but after gaining weight w/ 2

kids. my bottom is saggy & flat as a


I'd would really appreciate if someone could help me choose which workouts are best for my goals, so i can develop a workout program for my weekly routine. Im getting married in Dec. and i want to be confident w/ myself. I've lost so much confidence in myself. But now it's time to gain that all back. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.