Community Vegetable Challenge


Hello to all Blenders!

It's day 6 of the vegetable challenge! If you want to know the details, check this link to the first post:


That means we're up to at least 30 servings of vegetables and pulses! I think this is a really beneficial illustration of how small positive habits can add up. If we just concentrate on each day, or even each meal, at a time, within a week we're already much further along to achieving our goal of a healthy diet. The little actions are never wasted.

Today I was out on a day trip, which meant I had a prime opportunity to use my beloved new four-compartment Tupperware again :-D. Lunchbox no.1: Leftover risotto (peas, spinach, broad beans, leeks, lemon, garlic and mint); carrot sticks; cucumber sticks; tzatziki (yogurt-cucumber-garlic dip). Lunchbox 2: Nuts and raisins; apple pieces; a banana cut in half (those aren't part of the challenge, but they were part of my lunch). I don't normally eat a lot of snacks, but since we were walking a lot outdoors in foul weather, I took the precaution of bringing them along. I realised I need to get another of these handy boxes for dog snacks as well.

When I got home I was ready to eat my own arm, so I defrosted this incredible curry that I made a couple of months ago that tastes awesome, much better than my cooking does normally, but I can't figure out what I put in it that makes it so magical. It's some kind of spice or herb...? Otherwise it has beluga lentils (I order these on Amazon subscription because I eat them quite a lot :-D), spinach, coriander, and a frozen mix that has mashed carrot and swede.

If anyone is looking for tips on how to eat more vegetables, two that are working well for me are 1) prepare your five servings ahead of time, eg chop or clean them, and put them in the fridge somewhere visible so whenever you start cooking or look for a snack, they will be really easy to reach for first. 2) Use frozen vegetables. It is so, so easy to just throw them in a pot or in the microwave and either add them on the side of whatever you're eating, or make a recipe much quicker. If you're cooking for one, you can just take a small amount out and the rest will be there for next time.

See you all tomorrow!