Community Vegetable Challenge


Does anyone want to do a Community Vegetable Challenge?

It's simple: eat at least five portions of vegetables or pulses per day for two weeks.

Maybe it sounds like a lot, but a portion is defined (by the UK health service) as only 80g, which is really not much at all!


Extra credit challenge: during each week, include at least -

- 3x green leafy vegetables (except iceberg lettuce, which isn't very nutritious)

- 3x crucifers (can be extra leafy veg, or other types of crucifer)


- 3x alliums


- 3x mushrooms

- 3x pulses


- 3x red/orange vegetables

These categories are considered to contain important phytonutrients that aren't found in other food sources.

Modifications: if you don't currentlly eat much veg, choose a goal that seems more attainable for your challenge. Like with everything around here, push yourself, but don't make it so hard you can't do it :-)

NB: In dietary terms, potatoes are classed as carbs, not vegetables.

You can eat fresh, frozen, canned, dried, mashed, blended... of course the point of the challenge is our health so aim for healthy preparations.

Let me know what you think!