Community Vegetable Challenge


Hello dear Blenders!

Welcome to day 5 of the vegetable challenge. We are eating our way through 35 servings of vegetables and pulses every week! Here's the original post with all the information:


Please join us and share the vegetable dishes you've enjoyed today! I, and every hungry and nosy Blender here, would like to know!

Today my lunch was cauliflower soup, which I made with paprika, onions, potatoes and parsley as well. I like this soup because it has such a nice silky texture and seems very rich and creamy when it's blended (I mean Blended). Then for dinner I had risotto with peas, leeks, spinach and broad beans, plus lemon, garlic and mint, and a vegetarian version of pecorino cheese. Yum. On the side there was rocket salad with cucumber.

Let us know how you are all eating your veg today, too!