Community Vegetable Challenge


Hello Blenders!

Welcome to the vegetable challenge, where the name of the game is to meet (or beat) our five potions of veg or pulses per day for two weeks! Here's the post explaining the whole thing:


You can't lose out by joining in, no matter what your current diet looks like; you'll either discover some extremely appetising vegetable inspiration from among our members, or be able to pass on your knowledge and maybe change the way someone else thinks about their food!

Also, I'm so sorry I missed posting yesterday - I wrote out the whole post and then pushed the wrong button, and told myself I would write it out again later, and then I forgot. I apologise 😐

Anyway, today I took a slightly different approach, because I bought some new Tupperware and I was excited to use it 😄. This is like a lunchbox with three dividers inside, so there are four compartments, and I decided just to chop up some raw veg and have a mix-and-match day. I recommend this format for anyone who's lacking inspiration, likes snacking on veg, or is, like me, digging their food storage solutions.

In the two boxes I had: edamame, baby tomatoes, carrot and cucumber sticks, flat brown mushrooms, beetroot (cooked), homemade kale, chilli and garlic sauerkraut, and spinach.

For lunch I had the beetroot, cucumber, tomatoes and sauerkraut with hummus and warak enaab, which is vine leaves stuffed with rice and spices (not home-made). In the evening I cooked the carrots, mushrooms and spinach with garlic, and had that with steamed rice and left over smoked tofu. I ate the edamame while I was cooking.

What about you? Any tasty vegetable dishes today? Let us know below!