Community Vegetable Challenge


Hello dear Vegetables!

Welcome to day 3 of the vegetable challenge, where we're all shooting to eat at least five portions of vegetables and pulses per day:


We've already seen many mouthwatering vegetable dishes - search this post title to find the previous entries including salads, soup, stew, stuffed potatoes. zucchini pasta, veggie scramble... yes! If you love your vegetables, or if you don't love them but would like to, please join us and post what your day looks like below.

Today my lunch was inspired by Michele d from Day 1. I had a baked potato with mixed beans (borlotti, haricot, cannelini, black eyed, and kidney beans, from a tin), tomato salsa, sliced avocado, and a side salad with little gem lettuce, grated carrot and cucumber. Then for dinner, stir-fried cabbage, red pepper, red chili, spring onion and garlic, stir-fried tomato and egg, and steamed rice.

See you tomorrow!