Community Vegetable Challenge


Hello everyone!

Welcome to day 1 of our vegetable challenge! Here's the link to the post explaining what it's about; essentially the goal is to eat five portions of vegetables or pulses per day for two weeks.


I'm hoping we'll be able to share some good recipes and inspiration, so please go ahead and add your ideas if you decide to participate, or even if you eat a ton of veg already and have some special vegetable dishes that are close to your heart.

I don't much like vegetables first thing in the morning, so lunch and dinner are the usual times for me. Today for lunch I made leek, pea and potato soup, and added some crumbled feta, olive oil and lemon juice to my bowl. Then this evening I had a grilled ratatouille (aubergine, red pepper, tomatoes and courgettes plus garlic and basil), which I bought frozen, with chickpeas added. I ate that with barley. I also ate some leftover edamame while I was waiting for it to cook.

Please join in with your entries to the challenge! See you tomorrow!