Overweight and don't know how to start

Howdy! To start with I suppose I should say that I'm a 5'3" Texan and clock in right at 250lbs, which is admittedly right there in the 'obesity' range according to what the doctors go off of. A lot of the weight is in my gut, butt, and thighs, and I have no idea how to start off in a safe and healthy way for someone my size. I don't want to push myself too hard at the start and end up hurting myself, but I really want to get myself back into shape!

I don't have a weight loss goal, because the weight number isn't at all what I'm concerned about, I just want to get in shape and tone up- so if anyone has any suggestions for a beginner like me, I am all ears! I'd also been considering finding ways to get into a healthier diet, but nowhere I look is overly helpful...