Question on calories burned and logging in


I am new to FB community, starting out with FB30 Round 3. Very excited to be part of the community, and can't wait to complete my first ever program!

As I was looking into daily routine I see the range of calories burned for each exercise. And I know it varies according to a person, level of effort and intensity you put in, and many other things. However, I was wondering if anyone in this lovely community logs in their FB workout calories burned into a program of any sort. I currently log in my daily food and exercise in my fitness pal, but find it generally tough to what should I put these workouts under? I use Aerobics from their database, and pick low, general or high impact depending on the workout routine of the day. It does not feel right though. Do you think I am doing it correctly?

Does anyone in here have a better way of logging FB workouts in "MyFitnessPal"?

I would appreciate any suggestions or comments regarding the matter.