Healthy Eating Challenge - Day 23


Hello FB Family!

How are you? Having fun with the kettlebell challenge? I thought of joining, but right now I'm still too sore from this HIIT+strength workout I did on Sunday

It's 27 minutes, right? I shouldn't have sore quads and glutes, right? And yet, even less than half an hour makes the difference! [note to self: look for more AAAA-BBBB kind of HIIT and do more sumo squats]

Now, let's talk of this challenge: yesterday I got my 22nd #HealthyDayComplete! This means today starts the last week for the first round of Healthy Eating Challenge, and I'm so proud I made it this far :D

I'm planning something relatively easy for lunch: hummus on croutons and a selection of raw veggies to dip into the hummus *.* Tonight I'll have chicken soup or fish soup, depending on what I find at the market. Fresh ingredients are always the best choice, when possible :)

Have a healthy day, Blenders!