Wrongly calculated calories?



I've purchased the omnivore meal plan (https://www.fitnessblender.com/plans/4-week-meal-plan-eat-real-food-and-feel-great) and started using it yesterday. Since I am mostly bedridden, I opted for the 1600 kcal a day, which is probably exactly what my body burns through lying around, if not more^^

I was curious to see, if it was actually 1600kcal a day though and tracked the listed servings in a calorie tracker app (Yazio) to see and it says the first day was a little over 2100 kcal even without adding the third snack.

Did anyone else use this plan and can tell me about their experience? I am worried that I am consuming too many calories with that plan. I wouldn't mind the occasional 1700-1800kcal, but the calculated calories from the app have me worried. I'd also appreciate experience with that app, maybe it is not really accurate with the tracking?

I was feeling a little bit hungry during the day, but not overly so and probably caused by my cycle and slight overeating the last two weeks ;)

Did anyone use this plan and achieve the desired results? I'd be happy with maintaining weight until I can workout properly again, not looking to lose much weight right now.