Which workout should I do after almost a year of being lazy lol

I've done most of my workouts from fb's youtube but never ever bought a program..yet. I'm complementing though,, Maybe if I buy it, it'll motivate me to actually do it so I won't be wasting money..? Because motivation has been a major issue lately, I'm going on vacation in February, and it's going to be a hot one there so u can imagine swim suits, shorts and dresses (occasionally). I want my body to look alright, not just to impress my relatives but to be confident enough to actually have fun in the activities we're doing, i'm usually not having fun when i'm by the water because i'm insecure and it sucks, I want to change that about myself this year. Eating clean is problematic for me too.. My body's used to chips, pizza, sushi, etc. Should I just eat the requirement cals my body needs with the foods I eat regularly and maybe a lil bit of healthy foods here and there? I'm around 114 lbs (was 128 lbs), 19 yrs old and 5'2. I was thinking of getting the FB Low Impact - Fat Loss Program - 40 Minutes or Less program. Has anyone tried it? Is there a video on yt so I can see what type of workouts they will have us do?Or can anyone tell me honestly and not vaguely. (just because my mom is very strict on me using her credit card). --