Strong and Lean - 5 Day Challenge


Hello, dear FitnessBlender community!

I love FitnessBlender and I follow its lifestyle advice, and planning to stick to it for a lifetime. Been a member for years.

The concern I have is - is it safe to commit to the free 5 day challenge routine for months? I am not saying sticking to this specific routine (Strong and Lean, which I have completed 2 times in a row now) but to this workout structure?

I am concerned if it is too much to have hiit and strength so often throughout the week as a long term workout routine?

Any advice would be helpful. I have seen significant changes in my body doing this routine. I eat a lot though (never hunrgy so I have fuel for it) but I sometimes feel like it is too intense to stick to the format for good. I get a bit tired during the day, after I complete a workout. Especially if it a hard hitting hiit training+strength (which I love!).

I wish everyone good luck and have to say FitnessBlender made me healthy, happy and the best version of myself. You will burn fat and look and feel good doing their workouts. It's true, it works.