Frustrated with knee pain


Hey all, I have been trying to get back into my workout groove with some of the easier workout videos (i.e. level 1 or 2, Beginner Boot Camp). I am super out of shape, so was nervous about trying the more difficult ones. I do just fine until moves like squatting or lunging. After a few reps, I get this excruciating pain in my left knee and have to take a rest.

I have never had this problem when running, or even learning to ski. I get it occasionally when climbing stairs, but I just use the other leg and the problem sorts itself out by the next time I have use the knee again.

This is very frustrating when I'm trying to complete a workout that involves any sort of squat or lunge-type movement. I really want to get some good cardio workouts in so I can be fit enough to do the hobbies that I love, but I HATE running and don't like going to the gym (first world problem, I know).

I know knee pain is pretty common. How do you modify the squatting/lunging movements to keep your heart rate up without aggravating knee pain? Can you recommend any videos on here that don't involve much squatting or lunging?

*Disclaimer - I understand that this is not a place to ask for medical advice and that I should talk to a doctor*