Journey of the heart

Hello Everyone,

This is a brief summary of my Journey of the Heart thus far:

On December 27 2015 I had a heart attack right before my 53 birthday. At the time I was eating all organic and working my farm, but somehow I manged to get my weight up to 202 pounds at 5'4.

Needless to say the heart attack was a big wake up call. We reduced dairy and meat to less than 10% of our diet and I began working out. I started with the treadmill, good for the heart. In the beginning I could only do 2 min. at a time, so I tried several times a day. After about a year I was up to 30 min a day. I had release about 30 pounds and was feeling much better. No heart medicine for me.

Seven months ago I added weight training to my routine, 3 days weight training, four days treadmill. I have released another 30 pounds. About a month ago, I began getting bored with my weight training and found Fitness Blender. I thought I would try a video or two and see how it works out for me.

Well, I liked the change. So I decided for the first time to join community to help encourage me to keep going and to encourage others on their journey.

I am now doing the treadmill 40 minutes, 4 times a week, plus a butt and thigh FB video after the treadmill. I do 40-50 minutes of FB videos 3 days a week. Plus I do yoga every evening for 25 minutes.

I am now down to 154 pounds and feeling much better mentally and physically. I am a very private person and usually do not share my life with anyone except my husband. I felt I needed a change in this area of my life, so here I am in the community.

I hope my journey thus far encourages others to start and joining this community encourages me to keep going. As of today of have 26 more pounds to release to hit my goal weight, I believe I will reach the goal and continue working out for the rest of my life.

Note: I know it seems I release weight slowly, but there is a HUGE benefit to how slow the weight came off. I do not have any excess skin hanging on my body. The skin has gone back to it natural shape. I believe this is because I release the weight/fat slowly allowing the skin to recover naturally. So if you are discouraged at releasing weight slowly remember the above and how wonderful a benefit that is to your personal self.

Hopefully I have not talked to much in my introduction. Thank you for allowing me to become part of your community.

Peace, love and harmony


PS. I do not have before and after pictures because I do not like how I look in them