Strength Training while pregnant?


Hi there! I will be 12 weeks pregnant on Monday - still in the first trimester. I have been very lazy with my workouts for the past few weeks (exhaustion, nausea, etc.) My husband and I have gone on walks though. I have been working out regularly for about 3 1/2 years. These past three- four weeks have been the longest break I’ve taken in the past 3 1/2 years, to be honest. I’ve done some working out, like one to two workouts a week some weeks. It’s just been hard.

With that said, my program for today has me doing strength training. I’ve done it a few times while pregnant but have definitely stuck to lower weights (mostly because of how little I’ve been working out recently and wanted to avoid injury.) My first doctors appointment is next week. So the internet is my only place for answers as of right now.

Everything I have read has been quite confusing. Everyone seems to have a different opinion. So I decided I’d ask y’all, knowing that some of you have probably worked out while pregnant, what your experience with dos and donts were?

I’d like opinions/answers on strength training, HIIT, running, etc