Double jointed workout issues?


I have no idea what to title this. I have double jointed arms, my elbows are popped out when resting (like backwards, basically). When I try to do certain workouts, like push ups mainly, my arms want to pop out in a bad way and it puts pressure on my wrists and shoulders I don't think is supposed to be there. Like my forearms and hands start to tingle and lose sensation. I can do the exercise, I just struggle to hold proper form.

So my question is this, is there a better form for me? anybody else deal with this? I don't think I am hurting myself, there is no pain involved, it's just hard to get my elbows to stay like they are 'supposed' to be. Do I just honor my weird arms, or struggle for normal form.

If it helps visualize, basically my arms form a 'w' when outstretched and I can clap with one hand. Very odd arms, haha,