Workout Complete Clothing News & Reviews


Hello FB Family!

We have been hearing rave reviews from you about our performance apparel line, Workout Complete - it's hard to put into words how exciting that is. We're hearing that our clothing is as good as or better than "the most expensive performance clothing" in your closets. We're hearing you love the high quality, how the clothing moves so well & wears so comfortably.

We just added the ability to leave reviews. If you have purchased and enjoyed your new Workout Complete clothing, would you be so kind to take a second to leave us a review? We are again a very small company and we want to do this right. Your positive experiences and word of mouth are - just like with Fitness Blender - the biggest driving force behind our newest adventure. So if you've got an extra minute, please hop over to and leave us reviews on the pieces you love!

Also we're already working on new pieces & colors (spoiler alert: they're gorgeous). Still going through thorough testing; we'll keep you in the loop.

Right now Daniel is off to film a new cardio kickboxing routine for you all! Watch for that on a Monday near you :D

By the way, have you guys tried the new workout? What did you think? ((It was so so so good to say "Workout Complete" to you all again))

And, how about the new 4 Week FB30; for those of you who jumped right in, how is it going so far? Any sore muscles ;) ?

How has your week been? I hope you guys are moving each day, eating well, & feeling great.

Talk more soon!