2018 Goal: Calisthenics, Stretches, and Cardio Only

In my past I've spent a decent amount of time at the gym, but I'm by no means a gym rat. I like being active and I usually ended up spending time in the sauna and doing laps in the pool. Because I'm in college and I don't want to add another expense to my life, I looked for something free and I got a recommendation from a friend months ago for FB, and didn't bother with it until today.

I made a decision that over the holidays I was going to eat and drink whatever I wanted, and have a really great time with the friends and family I saw. I did exactly that. In exchange, I would start a Calisthenics based workout at the new year.

Today I held up my work-based end of the bargain and found my first video: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/beginner-boot-camp-workout-easy-toning-and-low-impact-cardio-workout. I've done my own non-researched calisthenic exercises before so I was feeling pretty confident. I started on a level 2 (because lvl 1 is all stretches), and got my butt kicked. I was feeling winded, tired, sore, and my body let me know there are several joints in pain that I didn't realize were hurting.

Afterwards, I found https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/quick-cool-down-stretching-workout-routine as a cooldown stretch, which felt really nice! I'm looking forward to longer stretch videos in the future.

So as far as workouts go I had a pleasant first experience with FB, and I'm even more pleased with how good it felt to perform a workout designed by pros.

My goal for 2018 is to get into the best shape, endurance, strength, and health in my life. I want to see if that's possible, and I think it is, by doing only Calisthenics, Stretches, and Cardio for my workouts. No gyms, no weight resistances, no heavy loads during workouts (except my 6'4" 230 lb body). Today I believe I started a great routine to achieve that goal. I'm very happy and I'm sticking with this program and these videos :D

Eventually I'll post images of my body changes... when I get a phone that isn't broken.