Daily Check-in: Monday, January 7th


Ok so, I'm way behind on Random Bird Photos, so here's one for today--and it's a doozy! This a Goshawk. He would normally be a really awesome sight to see, but unfortunately he seems to be far too interested in my chickens. He has dive-bombed them twice already, and I keep seeing him swooping around (he also caught a mourning dove at my bird feeders😔--I know the Goshawk has to eat too, but I don't like losing birds from my feeders). So anyway, just thought I'd share this photo of him with ya'll, caz they really are quite interesting hawks (as long as they leave my chickens alone!).

Hello Blenders, and Happy Monday (or Tuesday for some of you)!

How are you all doing today? Hopefully as excited for the release of a new workout video as I am!!! I'm so happy to see K & D back in action, and with a new Program and video release to boot! Just awesome! (In case you missed it, here's the link to K & D's latest post regarding their new workout program:https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/10184/new-fb30-program-now-available-new-workouts-start-tomorrow )

I mean, YAY, right?!

I've also got a bit more excitement going on around here today! We're in a Winter Storm Warning, and are supposed to get absolutely slammed by snow (up to 12" or more in some spots😱!!), and the winds are hellacious (40+ mph gusts), and the possibility of freezing rain on top of it! Yikes, it's gonna be crazy today!

I'm really hoping we don't lose power today (fingers crossed!).

Anyway, that's enough about that!

Let's talk about workouts today! Are you working out, or are you resting?

I'm gonna get that #WorkoutCompleteForK&D with Day 1 of the Burn Fat & Build Lean Muscle Challenge! There's a few of us Blenders who are doing this 5 Day Challenge together if you would like to join in! Here's the link to Day 1:


And you'll find the link to the rest of the videos for the week in the description below the video on Day 1. Feel free to jump in and join us, and we'll all work up a sweat together! And remember to take these workouts at your own pace, modify if you need to, and take more rest breaks if you need to--this is meant to a be fun challenge, so make sure to workout safely! I'm really looking forward to earning my #workoutcomplete with my Fellow Blenders!

(I'm also thinking about adding in the new video that's supposed to be released today, because I believe Kelli said it will be a Pilates workout--which should be ok to tag on to today's, I would think.)

And once we finish Day 5's workout on or around Friday, feel free to post about it! You can share a picture of an arm flex, thumbs up, or even your "Workout Complete" screen if you'd like! You can title your post #5DayChallengeComplete, and we'll all celebrate together! So join in, if you'd like to!

Ok, now let's talk about the food! What's on the menu today, Fellow Blenders?

I think it's a venison chili kind of day! I think it's almost mandatory when you get a bunch of snow that you must make a large pot of chili 😆.

Well Blenders, I think I will stop my rambling right there! I hope you all have a fantastic day, and thanks so much for checking in with me!

Make today a good one!