It's Finally Happening


Hi. SO I have finally purchased 2 different FB workout programs. I am getting married in the fall and have been lacking in getting my body back into shape. I use to be fit but this last year I have not been able to set time aside for myself to workout. I have used many of FB workout videos in the past and loved them!

I am not just doing this to get in wedding shape but to get my energy and confidence back. I have a 4 year old son I need to keep up with and on my 40th bday next year I want to hike Gimli Ridge in BC. I used to hike all the time but have been limited to places I could go with my son and since he outgrew his hiking backpack I end up cutting our hikes short since he can't last as long.

I also want to eat more healthy, even though I think I do a pretty god job except when going to the grocery store when I am already famished and then I make bad decisions. I also grow a lot of my own food in the garden but find getting ideas for different meals tricky and so now I am looking into that more as well.

I hope to keep track of my progress here as much as I can. Tomorrow is day one!!