Where to start!?

I need help getting back into the swing of things! Over the summer, I didn't feel well at all! I was doing some sort of excerise each night. before that and I was at the intermediate level and I felt great! Since I didn't feel well, I stopped working out all together, then I when I started feeling better, I picked it back up again, BUT When the holidays came, I got really busy and stopped working out!

I need help getting back into working out again. I have lost most of my motivation.. but I have started to eat healthy again since the holidays are over with.

I would need to start at the beginner level again, and I do not like running, jumping or HIIT.

I love going for walks, but it is really cold here, and I hate the cold! I pretty much hibernate in the winter, other than going to work.

Can anyone give me some advise?

Please and thank you!