60 lb weight loss goal

Hi from Colorado!

I am an off the wagon nutritarion lifestyle 40 something woman. Prior to the past 6 months I was an "active horseback riding, hiking, working the farm when I wasn't a smiling flight attendant". Six months ago I injured myself at work and have been on the couch potato not able to even lift 5 lbs due to a serious back injury and subsequent neck surgery with one more to go. I've gained A LOT of weight and its effects cardio wise and on the emotional level has taken its toll on me. I've renewed my love and commitment to living a vegetarian lifestyle (it works for me). I'm disappointed that my physical strength has flown out the window. So far I am doing a light cardio, yoga and pilates routine to strengthen and stretch as I have not been released to weight training.It's about an hour every morning and then 30 minutes on the elliptical in the afternoon. Any advice other than what I have started? Any fun but sadly low impact cardio that'll keep me going? Thank yall! This is an "adventure" I've never found myself in before so I'm a little overwhelmed.