My name is Miranda and I discovered the Fitness Blender workouts when researching BOD (Beachbody on Demand).

Fitness and health has been a priority in my life since a young age and has taken interesting turns as I figure out my health and now try to steer clear of media hype and fad gimmicks.

I'm starting 2019 with the mindset of being at my personal optimal wellness and to create harmony between my work, social and personal life.

A little background about me. I'm 40 years old and live in Ontario Canada. I was a vegetarian for around 10 years and have transitioned into eating fish and poulty recently due to my digestion and autoimmune disease.

I'm a slender build and find it hard to gain healthy weight that doesn't just compound on my belly.

I had a running injury involving a curb a few years ago which dammaged my left patella. I'm seeking therapy this year so I can hopefully repair and slowly get back into running and build up mileage.

I love the workouts so far and have picked randomly based on what areas of the body I'm focusing on. I generally do splits of upper body, lower body and then total body with core work after cardio on opposing days.

The workouts are great, and I feel it the next day which is great. I've been used to doing either group classes or videos in which you go thorugh it fast with improper form and you wonder did I use muscle or momentum?

I'm happy to have found this great resource! I'm looking forward to strengthing and shaping my body and to hopefully connect with some great like-minded people here!