Welcome to the new FitnessBlender.com! Site Update


Welcome to the new FitnessBlender.com! We hope you like what you see. We'll be listening to your feedback and using it to further improve the new website over the upcoming weeks and months.

Here are just a few of the things we've added or improved on the new site:

- Community forums: This is the first time we've ever had forums, and we're really excited about finally having a shared community space.

- New user dashboard: Access your workout calendar, as well as newest workout videos, community posts, programs and more.

- Responsive workout calendar: You now have the ability to move and reschedule missed workouts and programs - be sure to check out your new user dashboard.

- Reply to comments: Share tips and cheer each other on with enhanced comments.

- Workout Complete: We know you love seeing the Workout Complete screen; you can now see those beautiful green check marks from the calendar view!

- Favorite workouts search - Its even easier to find your favorite workout videos; full search functionality is now available for all of your favorited workouts.

- 4 Week Meal Plan: Our Meal Plan has had a full makeover and is now available in one convenient PDF (as well as on our online calendar).

Please note:

- Programs you have previously purchased will still be available

- Favorite workouts and your workout calendars will have crossed over to the new site

Thank you for your patience and support while we finished this huge project. There are more features and improvements coming your way; we are ALWAYS working for a better FitnessBlender.com

Questions? Feedback? Service@fitnessblender.com

Thank you for working out with us,

Kelli & Daniel