Content Creator Mental Health Professional

Term Contract
Role Mental Health Professional
Team Lead Content Lead
Availability Part-Time / Opportunity for Full-Time
Location Remote
Date Posted 03/02/2021

About Fitness Blender

Over the past decade, we have become one of the most popular and trusted online fitness resources by helping people live better, happier, and healthier lives. We steer clear of gimmicks and fitness for aesthetics’ sake, instead focusing on research-backed functional fitness techniques, positive body image, and balancing body, mind, and nutritional wellness. We are working to expand the depth and diversity of the content we offer by including high-quality, reliable health and fitness content from experts in related fields. It is not just about doing more, however. We believe our team deserves to be happy and healthy too, so even though we work quickly and with high attention to detail, we do it in a positive, lighthearted, and low-stress virtual workplace, based on respect and trust.

About You

Your love for helping people led you to a career as a Mental Health Professional. Your holistic approach to mental health, understanding of a wide range of mental health conditions and people’s individual experiences and goals, and in-depth knowledge of mental health tools and strategies gives you the ability to showcase accessible techniques for a broad spectrum of individuals. Your mild-mannered approach to mental health is professional, motivational, and encouraging—without being overly-complex or intimidating. Like us, you want to reach as many people as possible to help them achieve their health and wellness goals.

Scope of Role

As a Mental Health Professional/content creator for Fitness Blender, you will use your skill set, experience, and education to create easy-to-understand mental health content for a global audience. Your primary focus will be to write professional, yet accessible articles on a variety of topics related to holistic mental health and interact with community members regarding your content.


Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Write professional articles on a variety of topics related to mental health and overall quality of life, with special reference to General Mental Health, Eating Disorder Recovery, and Pain Management
  • Interact with community members regarding your content, answering questions and giving general advice on specific topics
  • Coordinate with the content team on content topics and production schedule
  • Work with other Fitness Blender content creators to add expert review and guidance to online content, from a mental health perspective


  • Hold a graduate degree (minimum Master’s) in Mental Health-related field
  • Hold current mental health certification and licensure
  • Have 4 or more years of recent experience as a certified Mental Health Professional
  • Specific education and experience with General Mental Health, Eating Disorder Recovery, and/or Pain Management
  • US based and legally authorized to work in the United States
  • Available, reliable high-speed internet connection for transferring files and participating in video and text communication