We hit a billion views! 2020 Plans + 1st FB Plus workout now available

We hit a billion views! 2020 Plans + 1st FB Plus workout now available

Happy New Year Fitness Blender Family!

It's going to be a great year. We've been busy and we're very excited about the things we've got planned for you. Here's a quick recap and also a bit about what we're working on for early 2020.

  • We hit a billion views - that's workout complete x 1 billion for you guys! Well done.
  • Fitness Blender is ten years old.
  • We just recently launched FB Plus, and our first ever workout video for that new project.
  • A new workout program is coming in January; stay tuned.
  • Giveaways are still happening in the Community Forums for FB workout programs, FB Plus memberships, and PowerBlock dumbbells. Free for everyone to enter.

New Workout video release date for early January:
1st exclusive FB Plus workout video is now available
1st free workout of 2020 will launch at our regular release time, here onsite and on our YouTube channel

We will continue to release free workout videos here onsite, as well as extra workout videos for FB Plus. FB Plus will also have continued feature roll outs through all of 2020. In the last couple of months, we have added the ability to add custom workouts to your online workout calendars, view extensive statistics on your workouts, and more. It's going to be a fun year! 

Thank you for choosing to workout with us. Here's to a happy, healthy new year.