New 4 Week Meal Plan AND Bodyweight Only Workout Program Now Available

We're excited to share that our brand new 4 Week Meal Plan & 4 Week Bodyweight Only Workout Program are now live! Find each below:

4 Week Fitness Blender Meal Plan - Eat Real Food & Feel Great

4 Week FB Bodyweight - No Equipment Workouts to Burn Fat and Tone Up

Remember; once you buy these, they are yours to keep and repeat as many times as you like without any extra charge. Find information for each at the links above.

4 Week Meal Plan - Eat Real Food!
Built with registered dietitians, this healthy, whole foods meal plan details 3 meals, and 3 snacks, every day for four weeks. There is a corresponding grocery list for each week, and there are 5 different calorie allotments to choose from so that you can customize this plan to meet your exact goals (weight loss, gain, or maintenance). Includes suggestions for modifying for food allergies, intolerance, and availability, as well as food costs, cooking for a family, and more. Couple this 4 Week Meal Plan with our Workout Programs for best results.

Most meals are quick and easy to put together, with simple, straight forward recipes that are easily modifiable to the users taste. Meal plan also includes our nutrition guide (found on Day 0) with over 70 pages of tips on how to make the switch to healthy eating, the psychology of food, learning to fuel yourself, understanding your hunger, getting your family to eat healthier, workout tips, and more.

This meal plan is heavily plant based, with lots of fruits and vegetables and minimally processed natural foods, but it is not vegan or vegetarian. With simple modifications (a topic covered in the meal plan guide), it can easily be altered to be appropriate for a wide variety of eating preferences. 

4 Week FB Bodyweight Only Home Workout Program
This workout program has been built to make smart workouts accessible, no matter where you live or what equipment you do or don't have. It's the ultimate excuse buster, asking for an average of just 37 minutes a day. Forget boring workout programs that have you doing the same tedious workouts over & over again; with this program, you'll be doing a different workout video literally every single day. Even better; you don't need anything other than your own bodyweight for this no-equipment home workout program. Additionally, once you purchase this program, it's yours to use & reuse as many times as you like, without any extra charge. Pair this with our brand new 4 Week Meal Plan for best results.

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Here's to getting strong & healthy!