New 4 Week FB Abs Now Available - Round 2! +New Community features

New 4 Week FB Abs Now Available - Round 2!  +New Community features

We have a brand new challenge for you to conquer! New 4 Week FB Abs (Round 2). We released our first 4 Week FB Abs Program (Round 1) in the spring of 2015 - how many of you have done that program? You guys have been asking for a new round ever since. We're happy to finally deliver this second round of FB Abs, one of our most popular programs.

Read more details about this new workout plan here: NEW 4 Week FB Abs (Round 2)

This new round uses all new workout videos, and all new challenges, with each week focusing on a different strategy from the last. As usual, this program has no repeat workout videos; you'll be doing a different workout video literally every single day. It makes it hard to get bored and it means that you'll be constantly switching up the way you train. Once you buy these programs, they're yours to repeat at no extra charge, as many times as you like and at whatever pace you like. These programs are a large factor in us being able to keep our 500+ workout videos & website free; so we owe a sincere thank you to anyone who has ever supported FB with a program purchase. Each program purchased helps us keep creating our free workout videos, and it helps us keep expanding the services we're able to offer on our website. PS did you guys notice we got notifications in the community forums last week!? We were all pretty excited about that 😁Many exciting new things on the horizon, as well, that we'll be sharing more about soon.

The Fitness Blender Community forums have become a great place to go to for advice, guidance, recipes, motivation, tips and support (technical and otherwise). If you're planning on completing FB Abs (or any of our other programs), be sure to check in with the amazing group of people that make up the community. You won't regret it. You can also connect to other people who are pushing themselves through the same workout program as you by using #fitnessblender and #FBabs on social media.

We hope you guys are really excited about the new FB Abs Round 2. Let's work hard & have some fun!

As always, thank you for working out with us. 

Kelli & Daniel