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FB Plus All Access Update + Program Features

FB Plus All Access Update + Program Features There is no better time to join or renew FB Plus!

Up until now, all 31 of our classic purchasable programs have not been included with FB Plus — but today forward, they are! This change gives FB Plus members ALL ACCESS to everything Fitness Blender has to offer.

This means that 124 weeks of some of our most popular workout programming (that sell for $10-$30 a piece) are now included with your FB Plus subscription or active FB Plus Pass. Also included: our popular 4-week Meal Plan. This is in addition to the 38 Challenges and Programs that Plus members already have access to.

With this change also comes a new feature that many of you have been asking for. To help you decide which program to do next, you will now be able to preview each day of the program on any program’s detail view. This new feature allows you to view all the included workout videos and content in a program before you schedule it, so that you know exactly what to expect! 

Not a Plus member? Purchasable programs are not going away and nothing changes with the ones you already own. That said, with every new program purchase, you will get a free week of FB Plus. Activate your free Pass from your order receipt by clicking the "activate now" link or on your Calendar day view. You can use this free week with your program for ads-free viewing, or save it for later to explore the FB Plus library of exclusive workouts, challenges, meal plans, and special features. 

We are constantly working to improve your FB Plus experience. That’s why we have a few more new features coming to Plus later this month:

  • “Find Similar Workout” within programs: You’ll be able to find a shorter, longer, or similar workout video replacement for any scheduled workout in a program, allowing all of our programs to be modified and customized to fit your needs. 
  • Ability to customize our Workout Programs in any way you like (including changes made with the new “Find Similar Workout” feature). This feature allows you to save and re-add your altered version of the program to your calendar as many times as you like.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of these new changes to FB Plus! Thank you so much for including us on your fitness journey.