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Spinach Apple Carrot Juice: Detoxifying Juice Recipe

Spinach Apple Carrot Juice: Detoxifying Juice Recipe

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This juicing recipe is a sweet tasting, satisfying drink that cleanses the body and provides many essential vitamins and minerals in a quick and easy form.

Spinach is high in B Vitamins, as well as Vitamin A, C, and K. The Spinach Apple Carrot combo is also high in calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. The fruit and veggie combo in liquid form makes this a detoxifying recipe that provides a good midday energy boost that tastes great.

4-5 Carrots
2 Apples
2 Cups Spinach

Wash all of the fruits and vegetables thoroughly, being careful to remove all dirt from the carrots and spinach. Cut the ends off of the carrots and throw away (you can peel the carrots if you like but leaving the skins on provides the most nutritional benefit). Cut the veggies into a size that is suitable for your juicer and start juicing. Drink right away to get the most from this nutritious, detoxifying juice.

Makes one large glass.

Juicing fresh vegetables is one of the best things that you can do for your body, especially in conjunction with regular exercise. When you drink fresh vegetables, you deliver all of the nutrients of those veggies to your system in a form that is easily and readily processed by your body.

Look under the Smoothie and Juicing Recipes tab for more fun fruit and veggie combos that will boost your energy levels and improve your health.

Drinking your veggies can also be a fantastic ally for anyone trying to lose weight. Aside from being unbeatably nutritious, vegetable juice is surprisingly filling. Vegetable juice can easily serve as a filling snack, or even as a meal replacement drink for some of the smaller meals of the day (i.e. breakfast or lunch). Many people have even seen weight loss success by drinking a small glass before they sit down to eat dinner; it takes the edge off of hunger and makes it much easier to eat to satiety without eating too many calories.

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