My fitness journey is ongoing - New goals means continual motivation

My fitness journey is ongoing - New goals means continual motivation

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My fitness journey began in August 2015. 

I had piled on about 10 kilos over two years – I had always been quite slim and I thought I could get away with eating whatever I wanted with minimal exercise but it eventually caught up to me. Soon enough, I got sick of seeing how chubby I looked in photos and the fact that I no longer fit into my favourite clothes - and most of all, I missed my waist, which had all but disappeared! I kick started my weight loss with the 5:2 diet for about a fortnight, but I found that it wasn’t sustainable in the long run. 

That’s when I turned to Fitness Blender, because I didn’t just want to lose weight and go back to how I was before – I also wanted to tone up, build shape and curve, and get fitter, stronger and more flexible. 

I was amazed by the sheer number and variety of their FREE workouts! I also really liked that Kelly and Daniel were refreshingly down to earth, and very generous with sharing their knowledge about health and fitness. I trusted them 100% because they weren’t trying to sell a product – they were simply promoting a healthy way of life that anyone could achieve. 

My fitness journey is ongoing – new goals means continual motivation. While I am happy at my current weight and I like the overall shape of my body, I am still striving to gain more tone overall, to lift and round my butt, and to increase my flexibility (I would like to be able to touch my toes one day!). 

I work out five days a week for between 30-45 minutes, all with Fitness Blender – 3 days for lower body, 2 days for upper body. In particular, I also did two rounds of the FB Booty Boot Camp which made a significant difference! In terms of food, I have a student budget so my diet isn’t as good as I would one day like it to be, but I try to get in enough fruit and veggies and avoid processed foods during the week, but I do let myself indulge over the weekends.