My body is stronger - My body deserves this

My body is stronger - My body deserves this

"I've never shared about my journey in a public forum but it can be isolating when you're on a weight loss journey because your visual successes are not something you can openly share without seeming narcissistic or worse like you're rubbing your own success in other's faces... so I'm sharing it all with you.

I started my journey in January 2016. I weighed 183 and was 2 years postpartum but had gained back any weight I'd actually successfully lost immediately after having my son when life got stressful and I turned to my unhealthy relationship with food to get me through. I legitimately remember eating cupcakes for lunch and cookies with breakfast telling myself I deserved them because life is hard...

Fast forward to October 2016, I had lost 40 pounds, ran a 10k without stopping, had made new friends named Daniel and Kelli that made exercise a normal part of my week at least 3 times using FitnessBlender... then I put my son in full time day care.... started 3 months of nonstop illness passing around the house... starting with salmonella poisioning and ending with me getting pneumonia. I again turned to my unhealthy relationship with food because life is hard and I ate... and ate... and ate. Because I deserved to enjoy what I eat... as much as I want. In 3 months, I only technically gained 9 pounds but I lost so much more than that. For 55 days, I did nothing. No physical activity. My muscles started turning to fat... my body started to change... the success started slipping away...

As of January, I refocused. I started strength training doing a FitnessBlender free 5 day youtube lean muscle challenge. I committed to doing it for 8 week because... why not. I took control of my eating realizing my body actually deserves for me to eat healthy food... it deserves for me to move it and strengthen it. 

The first picture was my catalyst when it was posted on FaceBook after a kids halloween party... the 2nd is where I landed after Pneumonia as of January 10... the 3rd is February 10 after 4 weeks of 5 day a week workouts. I am beyond proud of what I've achieved... I never expected such incredible results... before marriage I always worked out at the gym regularly but I have never had strength... the scale doesn't matter... my body is stronger... my body deserves this."