Kelli and Daniel, 

I used the 8 Week Fat Loss Program for Busy People and lost 13 pounds. Thank y'all so much! I'm a full time nursing student and I work a bunch, this has seriously been a wonderful experience. Before I did the 8 week program, I also did the 4 week program and lost about 10 pounds from that. So overall, I have lost 23 pounds in the past 88 days. My goal is to be at 140 and I know I can do it because of y'all! For this challenge, I wasn't super strict on my diet (because I know in reality, I could never do a long term diet change). All I did was start eating what I normally eat in moderation and I now see the huge difference in how I was eating before and now. Although I still have some chubbiness on my stomach, I am super excited about how much my legs and butt are starting to look. I hope to improve a lot more and I am very happy that y'all are going to be releasing another 8 week fat loss program for busy people. YOU BOTH ARE AMAZING!


How long did it take you reach the point where you're at now?
I started in the beginning of August (Its early November now) and have lost nearly 25 pounds total. I've been fully committed to your workout videos. I started off with the 4 week for busy people, and then I just finished the 8 week for busy people most recently. Following your videos have made this all possible, and I am extremely grateful!

Do you have any favorite Fitness Blender workouts? 
I love the tank top workout series when it comes to arm day. The "25 minute tank top arms workout - best upper body workout for toned arms, shoulders & upper back" has absolutely been my favorite of them all though. The pulses at the end of the second set really get me. Besides that specific video, I really like the original "Can you HIIT like a girl" video. I discovered your website/youtube channel because of this video, and it has stayed at the top of my "favorites" list. 

Hardest FB workout that you've tried?
In the workout programs, Saturday is considered an optional day (which I did 99% of the time) and they're usually low impact workouts. I decided to do the epic 1000 calorie workout video on one of those days, and I couldn't believe I actually got through it. It was an amazing challenge, but I felt great afterwards. 

Best tip that you would give to someone just starting to workout:
Honestly, starting off seems so hard. Looking back at my first two weeks and seeing how I only lost 2-3 pounds doesn't seem like a whole bunch. But once it adds up, it's crazy to see how far I've come. My tip to people starting off is "Once you start seeing results, it becomes an addiction". And it really has. I have stuck to working out because I love how toned I am starting to get, and thinking of the end result makes me super excited.

What's your favorite training style?
Originally I started off loving the HIIT days, but I've leaned more to being excited about arm/legs day. Incorporating HIIT into my strength training days is a goal of mine, but with my time restraints, it's hard to get everything in at once. I love the feeling of being sore the next day (is that weird? haha) because I know I had a good workout the day before.